Just fuckin’ eat whatever, mate.

“Just fuckin’ eat whatever, mate.”

I like Ben. He’s always moving. Usually forwards, 10 things firing at once in his mind. Mercurial, gifted, and humble. Meet Ben Bayly.

Today I’m at The Grove. A little out the way despite being in the middle of Auckland’s CBD, The Grove is a smart, cozy, classy venue that seats about 80 people in understated luxury.

To just say “food” would be over-simplifying. This is like modern art. This is next level cuisine. I mentioned to Chef that this looks more like sculptural forms than food. He’s probably used to that.

Here’s what it looks like:


Grove SMALL WEB-4 Grove SMALL WEB-9 Grove SMALL WEB-14 Grove SMALL WEB-17 Grove SMALL WEB-19 Grove SMALL WEB-29 Grove SMALL WEB-33 Grove SMALL WEB-41 Grove SMALL WEB-45 Grove SMALL WEB-51 Grove SMALL WEB-56 Grove SMALL WEB-79 Grove SMALL WEB-85 Grove SMALL WEB-88 Grove SMALL WEB-90 Grove SMALL WEB-98 Grove SMALL WEB-111


This is much easier than trying to talk about lighting for 400 words. This is the setup for the majority of the dishes.


Grove SMALL WEB-114 Grove SMALL WEB-128 Grove SMALL WEB-141


Ben Bayly:

Grove SMALL WEB-151


Josh:Grove SMALL WEB-165


Book your table at https://www.thegroverestaurant.co.nz/


And book your shoot at info@tezmphoto.com