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Other stuff I do

I build guitars. Electric ones. For myself. I’ve sold a couple. I learned to do this because I was taught how by someone far more skilled than I’ll ever be. They needed pictures for their website and business, I wanted to learn how to do this. It was a contra deal that worked well for… Read more »

The favourite egg

A client once asked me what my favourite shoot was. I had to think. I didn’t know offhand. Is that like asking a chef which egg they cooked was their favourite? I don’t remember half of the shoots I’ve done after 13 years of doing this for a living. But. I said I’d get back… Read more »

Emilie – portraits

Say hello to Emilie. We did this photoshoot in my garage with a 3x3m white backdrop attached to the garage door by neodymium magnets. A what? It’s a magnet, but super strong. Don’t get your fingers caught between them. The ones I have are 15mm x 5mm, and 4 of them will hold this huge… Read more »

Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

I didn’t drop off the earth. I went to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, QLD to pay homage to the great Steve O. It looks something like this.   Impromptu shot that looks like an ad for Reef (it isn’t). Sun&shadow.    Sunshine Coast is like a Mount Maunganui but nicer. Wide sweeping promenades roll… Read more »


Do you watch movies or TV shows? Of course you do. I’ve always been fascinated by the way in which cinematographers and directors of photography (DOP) can utilise all our favourite things like depth of field, camera angle, lighting etc to enrich the feeling we get from a character: in other words you can shoot… Read more »

Food Photography Auckland part 439.

Hello there, thanks for tuning in. Let’s make a cup of tea, sit back, put Gojira on your home stereo system and read a little bit about food photography. See, ‘food photography’ kinda misleading. It’s over-simplifying the task because the food is only part of the frame, what you’re shooting is a scene, a memory… Read more »

Just fuckin’ eat whatever, mate.

“Just fuckin’ eat whatever, mate.” I like Ben. He’s always moving. Usually forwards, 10 things firing at once in his mind. Mercurial, gifted, and humble. Meet Ben Bayly. Today I’m at The Grove. A little out the way despite being in the middle of Auckland’s CBD, The Grove is a smart, cozy, classy venue that… Read more »